Episode 100: Kelly Oxford on Embracing Social Media, the Unrelenting World & Her Funny Essays

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Listen to Kelly Oxford HERE.

This weeks guest, Kelly Oxford, tells it like it is — and she inspires millions of other women to speak their minds and share their experiences too. Her first book of essays “Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar” was an international bestseller and in this candid conversation we’ll hear all about her second book, “When You Find Out the World is Against You.” We’ll also talk about that time she started a Twitter movement with #notokay, the time she channelled her outrage of Trump’s “pussy grabbing” by sharing her own experience of sexual assault. Over 27 million people engaged on Twitter after she shared her story.

Kelly brings her wry wit and smarts to this conversation and I hope you enjoy it. We recorded live and it was a particularly fun one.

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xox Angie

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Buy “When You Think the World is Against You” here.