Episode 13: Lisa Glatt and Steph Opitz on Nudists and Open Marriage

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This week I was lucky enough to have Steph Opitz guest co-host as Emily is looking after her baby boy! Steph is the literary director of the Texas Book Festival, the books reviewer for Marie Claire Magazine, and fiction co-chair for the Brooklyn Book Festival – with credentials like these, it’s safe to say she is a brilliant literary lady. Steph and I had so much time chatting about what it’s like to organize a book festival, the pleasure of interviewing Miranda July, ex boyfriends, and so much more.

Then we come to the main event – our interview with the author Lisa Glatt about her recent book The Nakeds. The Nakeds is a rare gem of a book, packed full of surprises. Reading this book is bound to prompt heated conversations about sex, fidelity and the secrets that define us – could there be better topics to talk about?! Hint: Amazing book club pick.

Here Lisa reveals how and where she learned about nudist colony etiquette, what is was like watching her mom come to terms with the sexual revolution of the 1970s, and how both of these topics influenced her writing. After listening, I think you’ll agreee that Lisa was the most generous and open guest. Read Lisa’s beautiful essay What Bill Cosby said to my mom on Salon.com.

Please let us know what you think of this week’s show!

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Lisa Glatt is the author of The Nakeds,  A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That, a finalist for the Los Angeles Times first fiction award, and The Apple’s Bruise, a collection of short stories. Her books of poetry include Shelter and Monsters and Other Lovers. Lisa’s work has appeared in such magazines as Zoetrope: All-Story, Gulf Coast, Mississippi Review, Indiana Review, Pearl, and The Sun. A recipient of a fellowship from the Civitella Ranieri Center in Italy, Lisa teaches at California State University, Long Beach and is married to writer David Hernandez.

Buy The Nakeds on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at your local independent bookstore.


Steph Optiz is the literary director of the Texas Book Festival, the books reviewer for Marie Claire, and fiction co-chair for the Brooklyn Book Festival