Episode 36: Steve Toltz on resilience and human nature



This week I was lucky enough to speak with fellow Aussie writer Steve Toltz, author of the highly acclaimed and universally loved, A Fraction of the Whole, shortlisted for the Booker Prize and the 2008 Guardian First Book Award. His new novel Quicksand is as wonderfully deranged as his first. The book’s protagonist, failed get-rich-quick entrepreneur Aldo Benjamin, accused of murder, is one of the most darkly comic characters in fiction. He’s guaranteed to have you laughing out loud and noting down his insightful life lessons. In this conversation you’ll also hear how Steve’s experience of being paralyzed while living in Paris, inspired parts of the book.

I hope you enjoy this conversation – especially the two Aussie accents! Let us know what you think on Instagram and Twitter @litupshow.

xoxoxox Angie


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Buy Quicksand at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at your local independent bookstore. Also, go get A Fraction of the Whole now if you haven’t read it.