Episode 43: Style Icon Garance Doré On Ditching Perfection and Getting On With it!


In the world of fashion Garance Doré needs no introduction – she is, perhaps, the most beloved style icon of today – stylish because she is both elegant and kind. Since starting her namesake blog ten years ago she has amassed a huge cult following, in part because of her keen eye, but also because she writes so honestly about what’s going on in her life. Now, she brings all her glorious energy to her new book Love Style Life.

Speaking of glorious energy, we have Paris-based, composer and bassist, Marc Marder, to thank for our new, elegant and ever so sexy, intro music. You’ll get a hint of his immense talent in this brief opening snippet, but you can find more about his celebrated film scores, theater music and concert pieces here.

This week we recorded live from Soho House in New York.  It was such a pleasure to find Garance as open and funny as she is online. We talked about how she manages anxiety, what being broke in Paris in the early years taught her, about growing up in Corsica, and so much more.

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xox Angie


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