Episode 67: Nadja Spiegleman on mother daughter relationships & family legacy



This week our guest Nadja Spiegleman takes us deep into her family history. Be warned; her revelations are sure to spark some of your own. Nadja’s memoir, “I’m Supposed To Protect You From All This” is a riveting examination of the interconnected nature and intensity of the relationships between the women in her family–including herself, her French mother Françoise Mouly (art editor of The New Yorker), her grandmother and great grandmother. This insightful book is all about the extent to which we fight to be free of our parents, and yet, how we are inextricably pulled back into their orbit and influenced by their struggles, even if we know little about them.

Nadja’s father is the Pulitzer Prize–winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman, whose graphic memoir, Maus, is based on interviews with his Holocaust survivor father. The book is dedicated to Nadja. Nadja is also the author of a trio of graphic novels for children.

This conversation was an absolute favorite. Happy listening!

xox Angie