Episode 77: Brit Bennett On Secrets & The Decisions That Shape Us


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It’s not often that a book gets as much buzz as Brit Bennett’s, The Mothers, and wholeheartedly delivers. Brit’s breakout novel eloquently dives head-on into taboo topics like religion and black motherhood, and explores how we’re shaped by certain pivotal decisions more than others. Set in a Southern Californian beach town (similar to where Brit grew up), the story revolves around a complicated love triangle between Nadia, Aubrey, and Luke–one that’s fueled by secrets and passionate longings. Along the way, we’re accompanied by a Greek-style chorus of gossipy elder church women who pipe in with judgmental comments and I-told-you-so quips as the novel progresses. I raced through this book and saw myself in all three main characters, making for some necessary reflection.

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Cover photo credit: Chantal Anderson, Vogue, October 2016

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