Chapter 86: The Inimitable Roxane Gay

Prolific writer Roxane Gay joins Angie to discuss her collection of short stories, Difficult Women; Madonna; and her forthcoming book, Hunger.

Chapter 85: Lucinda Rosenfeld on The Liberal Bubble

Angie brings in the new year with Lucinda Rosenfeld, the author of Class. Where the two discuss female friendships, the liberal bubble, and public education.

Chapter 84: Julia Baird on the dynamic life of Queen Victoria

Angela welcomes Australian author, Julia Baird, to the show to discuss her newest book, “Victoria: The Queen: An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Rules an Empire.”

Chapter 83: Siri Hustvedt on women in art, eroticism, and the mind-body problem

Angela sits down with Siri Hustvedt to discuss her new book, “A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women: Essays on Art, Sex, and the Mind”

Chapter 82: David Szalay on All That Man Is

David Szalay joins Angie to discuss his gorgeous new book, All That Man Is.

Chapter 81: Jade Chang on Juggling Worlds

Angie sits down with Jade Chang to discuss her novel, The Wangs VS. the World.

Chapter 80: Trevor Noah Live at NeueHouse

Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show, joins Angie to discuss his newly released memoir, Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. It was a packed room at NeueHouse and an incredibly timely conversation in this era of post-election confusion.

Chapter 79: Chloe Caldwell with Estelle Tang

Chloe joins Angie and Elle.com’s culture editor, Estelle Tang to discuss her new collection of essays, I’ll Tell You in Person.

Chapter 78: Marcy Dermansky & Megan Abbott

Marcy Dermansky & Megan Abbott join Angie live at the Soho House to discuss their new novels.

Chapter 77: Brit Bennett’s Stunning First Novel

Brit Bennett joins Angie to discuss her debut novel, The Mothers.

Chapter 76: Teddy Wayne & Jessica Grose

Teddy Wayne, author Loner, and Jessica Grose, author of Soulmates, join Angie to discuss the inspiration behind their new novels.

Chapter 75: Maria Semple on Witchy Powers

Angela and best-selling author, Maria Semple, sit down and discuss her new book, Today Will Be Different.

Chapter 74: Chapter 72: Anuradha Roy on India, Poverty, and Inequality

Join Angie as she sits down with the author of “Sleeping On Jupiter,” Anuradha Roy.

Chapter 73: Emma Donoghue on “The Wonder”

Angela and author of “The Room,” Emma Donoghue, discuss her latest novel “The Wonder.

Chapter 72: Chapter 70: Jessica Bennett & Aminatou Sow Live! at the NeueHouse

Angie sits down with Jessica Bennett, author of Feminist Fight Club, and Aminatou Sow, founder of Tech Lady Mafia, at the NeueHouse in NYC. The women discuss work place sexism, how to ask for a raise, what it means to be successful, and more.

 Chapter 71: Ann Patchett on Opening Up in Fiction

Ann Patchett joins Angie from Nashville to discuss her not-to-be-missed novel, Commonwealth.

Chapter 68: Colson Whitehead on His Underground Railroad.

Colson Whitehead joins Angie to discuss his new novel.

Chapter 67: Nadja Spielgelman on Mothers

Nadja Spielgelman joins Angie to discuss her spectacular memoir, I’m Supposed to Protect You from All This, which details the fascinating women who have come before her.

Chapter 66: Jessi Klein on Growing Up

The multi-talented Jessi Klein joins Angie to discuss the path to becoming one of the funniest women in entertainment (our words, not hers) and of course her new book, You’ll Grow Out of It.

Chapter 65: Jay McInerney Live! At Soho House

Literary legend Jay McInerney joins Angie to discuss his new novel, Bright Precious Days, his prolific wine writing career, and of course, his history of mischief.

Episode 64: Nicole Dennis-Benn on the Inner-Workings of Jamaica

Annie Daly, travel editor at Buzzfeed, joins Angie to interview Nicole Dennis-Benn on her new book, Here Comes the Sun.

Episode 63: Stephanie Danler on Coming of Age in NYC

Angie sits down with Stephanie Danler to discuss her novel “Sweetbitter.”

Episode 62: Alain de Boton on Keeping Love Alive

If you’ve ever been in love, had your heart broken, been in a relationship, or yearned for one, this week’s episode is for you — in other words, if you’re a human, you’ll benefit from listening to the wise words of world-renowned philosopher and writer Alain de Botton.

Episode 61: Revisiting a Favorite, Irin Carmon

We’re taking a week off, but revisiting a timely episode with Irin Carmon on her book, Notorious R.B.G.: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Episode 60: Live! at Soho House with Arianna Huffington

The prolific Arianna Huffington joins Angie at Soho House in New York to discuss why getting the right amount of zzz’s is so important.

Episode 59: Max Porter on Love Through Grief

Max Porter joins Angie to discuss his first novel, Grief Is the Thing with Feathers.

Episode 58: Yaa Gyasi on a Haunting Legacy

Yaa Gyasi joins Angie to discuess her debut novel “Homegoing”.

Episode 57: Jessica Valenti on Sex Object

Jessica Valenti joins Angie to discuss her powerful memoir and advocate for continued feminism, Sex Object,

Episode 56: Revisiting a Favorite Episode

We revisit a particularly emotional episode. Lidia Yuknavitch joins Angela to discuss all of her work, which blurs the lines between fiction and non-fiction.

Episode 55: Geoff Dyer on Travel and Stepping Outside Ourselves

Geoff Dyer joins Angie to discuss his new collection of essays (or are they?), White Sands.

Episode 54: Lindy West on Living Proud

Lindy West joins Angie to discuss fat activism, periods, trolls, and most importantly, her honest and funny memoir, Shrill.

Episode 53: Kate Tempest on Playing with Form

Kate Tempest joins Angie to discuss her novel, The Bricks that Built the Houses and album, Everybody Down.

Episode 52: Molly Prentiss on Living Creatively

Molly Prentiss joins Angie to discuss her first novel, Tuesday Nights in 1980, her unconventional and dreamy upbringing, and living as a creative.

Episode 51: Maggie Nelson Reflects on Her Work

Maggie Nelson joins Angie to discuss her work, including The Argonauts and The Red Parts.

Episode 50: Padma Lakshmi Live! at Soho House

Padma Lakshmi joins Angie live at the Soho House to discuss her memoir, Love, Loss, And What We Ate.

Episode 49: Matt Gallagher on War and Coming Home

Matt Gallagher joins Angie to discuss his novel, Young Blood.

Episode 48: Cynthia D’Aprix on The Nest

Cynthia D’Aprix joins Angie to discuss her new novel, The Nest.

Episode 47: Karan Mahajan on Modern Terrorism

Karan Mahajan joins Angie to discuss her new novel, The Association of Small Bombs.

Episode 46: Melissa Broder & Karolina Waclawiak

Angie is in LA with special co-host Karolina Waclawiak to talk to Melissa Broder about her new book, So Sad Today.

Episode 45: Alec Ross Live! at the Soho House

Alec Ross joins Angie and special guest co-host and editor of Fast Company Magazine, Marcus Baram to discuss his new book, Industries of the Future.

Episode 44: Hannah Tennant-Moore on Wreck and Order

Hannah Tennant-Moore joins Angie to discuss her provocative new novel, Wreck and Order.

Episode 43: Garance Doré Live at the Soho House

Blogger, illustrator, author, and overall style guru Garance Doré joins Angie for another Lit Up Live! at the Soho House in New York.

Episode 42: Maria Konnikova on the Art of a Con

The brilliant Maria Konnikova joins Angie to discuss why we fall for cons again and again.

Episode 41: The Ever Introspective Mary Louise Parker

Sometimes, rarely, you meet someone whose energy radiates and fills the whole room. Mary Louise Parker is that person. She joins Angie to discuss her gorgeous first book, Dear Mr. You.

Episode 40: Lit Up Live! with Alexander Chee

Alexander Chee joins Angie at the Soho House for a conversation on his new novel, Queen of the Night.

Episode 39: Helen Ellis on Being an American Housewife

Helen Ellis joins Angie to talk about being a southern transplant in New York and her new short story collection, American Housewife.

Episode 38: Sunil Yapa on Action Through Empathy

Sunil Yapa joins Angie to discuss his first novel, Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist and the journey that brought him to write it.

Episode 37: Josh Singer & Megan Twohey on the Complexity of Truth

Screenwriter Josh Singer and journalist Megan Twohey join Angie in a special episode detailing their most recent projects.

Episode 36: Steve Toltz on Quicksand

Fellow Aussie, Steve Toltz, joins Angie to discuss his epic, new novel, Quicksand.

Episode 35:The Witches of Salem with Stacy Schiff

Pulitzer prize winner Stacey Schiff joins Angie to discuss her thrilling new book, The Witches.

Episode 34: Talking About the Weather with Lauren Redniss

Illustrator and author (and so much more!) Lauren Redniss joins Angie to talk about her beautiful and uncategorizable new book, Thunder & Lightening.

Episode 33: The Transcendent Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple joins Angie to discuss her art, writing, activism, and journalism as a true student of the world.

Episode 32: Alex Mar on the Witches of America

Alex Mar joins Angie to discuss her new book, Witches of America, which details not only the aforementioned title, but Alex’s own exploration into the occult.

Episode 31: The MASTERFUL Mary Gaitskill

Lit Up is somewhat of a show built on girl crushes. However this week, the inspiring, talented, gorgeous Mary Gaitskill, probably our #1 girl crush, sits down with Angie and Emily to talk about her new novel, The Mare.

Episode 30: Lit Up Live! with Bill Clegg

In our first ever Literary Salon at the Soho House in New York, Bill Clegg joins Angie to discuss his first novel, Did You Ever Have a Family, and the twisty path that lead him to write this stunning book.

Chapter 29: Irin Carmon on the Notorious RBG!

The inspiring Irin Carmon joins Angie to discuss THE inspiring Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her new book, The Notorious RBG.

Chapter 28: Garth Risk Halberg on Fire

Garth Risk Halberg joins Emily & Angie to discuss the gleam of New York through all its trials and tribulations, and more importantly his highly anticipated debut novel, City on Fire.

Chapter 27: Sloane Crosley on Old Friends

Sloane Crosley joins Angie to discuss the myriad of inspiration for her first novel, The Clasp.

Chapter 26: Nikesh Shukla on Meatspace and Meat in Space!

Emily & Angie sit down with the lovely and fun Nikesh Shukla to discuss the wild world of the internet and his new book, Meatspace.

Chapter 25: Lauren Groff on Fate, Fury and Feminism

Angie & Emily sit down with Lauren Groff to discuss her new novel, Fates & Furies.

Chapter 24: Adam Johnson on North Korea & Beyond

Pulitzer prize winner, Adam Johnson joins Angie for a fascinating conversation on his new short story collection, Fortune Smiles, and his unique insight into North Korea.

Chapter 23: Margo Jefferson on Privilege & Race

Pulitzer prize winning critic, Margo Jefferson joins Angie to discuss her brilliant new memoir, Negroland.

Chapter 22: Marisa Acocella Marchetto

The ever fabulous cartoonist and graphic novelist, Marisa Acocella Marchetto, joins Angie to discuss all things otherworldly, including her new book, Ann Tenna.

Chapter 21: Julia Pierpont on Becoming a Writer

Julia Pierpont joins Angie to discuss her quick rise to the spotlight with her debut novel, Among the Ten Thousand Things.

Chapter 20: Alexandra Kleeman & Alex Gilvarry

Writers (and fiancés!) Alexandra Kleeman and Alex Gilvarry join Angie to talk Kleeman’s new book, “You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine.”

Chapter 19: Lauren Holmes with a side of Camille Perri

Angie and guest co-host Camille Perri chat with Lauren Holmes about her compulsive short story collection, Barbara the Slut.

Chapter 18: Funny Girls Hallie Cantor & Maeve Higgins

Hallie Cantor and Maeve Higgins join Angie for a laugh and a chat on what it’s like to be comedienne writers today.

Chapter 17: Let’s Talk About Sex with Rachel Hills

Angie and Rachel Hills have a cooling summer cocktail while discussing Rachel’s findings in her new book, The Sex Myth.

Chapter 16: Champagne with Paula McClain

The master of historical fiction, Paula McLain joins Angie to talk about her new book, Circling the Sun.

Chapter 15: Shedding Tears with Lidia Yuknavitch

In a particularly emotional episode, Lidia Yuknavitch joins Angela to discuss all of her work, which blurs the lines between fiction and non-fiction.

Chapter 14: Sarah Hepola and Blackout

In this special one-on-one interview, Angie talks with Sarah Hepola on the experiences which lead her to write her memoir, Blackout. Their conversation dives deep not only into addiction, but into the relationship between women and alcohol.

Chapter 13: Guest Co-host Steph Opitz & Lisa Glatt

Steph Opitz, director of the Texas Book Fest and book reviewer for Marie Claire joins Angie as a special guest co-host to talk book festivals and what’s she looking forward to reading before welcoming author Lisa Glatt. The three discuss Lisa’s new book, The Nakeds, nudism, California, and much more.

Chapter 12: Emma Straub AND! Jess Walters

With Emily at home spending time with her new baby boy, Angie brings Emma Straub and Jess Walter into the studio for bloody marys and a chat.

Chapter 11: Positive Moves & Jami Attenberg

Emily & Angie talk about the books they turn to for all areas of self-improvement before the colorful Jami Attenberg joins to show to chat about her new book, Saint Mazie.

Chapter 10: Summer Reads and Laura Dave

Emily & Angie discuss their summer favs and what’s on their lists for this year. Laura Dave, author of the fantastic read, 800 Grapes, joins the show to chat her new book, the world of winemaking, and living in LA without a car (which, who knew, is possible).

Chapter 9: A Spring Full of Books & Elisa Albert

Emily & Angie catch up after a week of busy publishing events around town before Elisa Albert joins them to discuss the tribulations of modern childbearing.

Chapter 8: Brooklyn Birding & Nell Zink

Nell Zink joins the show to discuss her attempts at a non-distracting love life, current day racial relations, and of course, her new book, Mislaid.

Chapter 7: Varying Romance & Kate Bolick

Emily & Angie talk about their own romantic statuses and thoughts on love, before Kate Bolick joins to discuss her book, Spinster.

Chapter 6: Public Shaming & Jon Ronson

Jon Ronson joins Emily & Angie to discuss his move from London to New York, the perks of being a celebrity dog, and of course, his latest book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed.

Chapter 5: A Literary Rift & Chigoze Obioma

The literary community is split over the PEN America’s award for Challenges to Freedom of Expression to Charlie Hebdo and Chigozie Obioma joins the show to discuss his magical and haunting debut.

Chapter 4: On Being an Adult & Meghan Daum

Emily recounts Kate Bolick’s book party and Angie shares some great New Yorker articles she’s been reading. The prolific essayist, Meghan Daum joins the show to discuss her work, including her most recent anthology, Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on the Decision Not to Have Kids.

Chapter 3: Heidi Julavits

It’s hard not to be a Heidi Julavits fangirl. This week Angie & Emily took a trip to powerHouse Books in Dumbo to hear Julavits speak and were lucky enough to have her in studio to ask her about her recovery from chronic pain, what it means to be a female writer, and how she is making being a “keeper” into something special.

Chapter 2: A Good Week & Hanya Yanagihara

Angie and Emily talk Arne Svenson, online authenticity, great meals, and of course what they are reading this week. After their recap, the captivating Hanya Yanagihara joins them to discuss not only her new book, but her thoughts on fame, failure, and the factors in choosing your version of adulthood.

Chapter 1: Our Inaugural Episode & Catherine Lacey!

Angie & Emily get into why they are doing this thing before their conversation with Catherine on hip hop dance classes, big-gesture proposals, and dreams for the the ultimate chill pill.